seek + be

seek + be

seek + be started as a quick scribble in a small Moleskin notebook I keep on my night stand. It’s not unusual for me to roll over countless times in a single night and blindly scribble in that tiny book; sketches of jewelry designs, art I hope to create some day, and the fragments of dreams I can still remember as my eyelids flutter and adjust in the darkness.

It was just one of many scribbles, but I knew right away it was a game changer. It was a response to a calling – the answer to an ever present question; what do I want for my life. What is my purpose?

What do I believe in?

What do I want to share with the world?

And the answer was this:

I want to create beautiful things. Creating for me, is like breathing – it’s something I just have to do. The passion I have for working with my hands pulses through my body and spills into every aspect of my life. I have been designing jewelry for the better part of the past 12 years and am continuously amazed at how quickly a simple hobby became my life’s passion. I absolutely love what I do and am on a mission to create a business that has something more to offer….something with meaning and purpose.

The heart and soul of seek + be is encouraging women to fill their lives with daily inspiration and empowering them to live bigger, bolder and more creative lives.

That humble drawing has evolved into so much more. It’s become my passion and my purpose,

to seek inspiration + to be an inspiration…

seek + be.