This gallery features some of the previous jewelry I have created + sold. Most of the pieces here are one of a kind or limited editions, but if there is something you see here that absolutely must have, it may be possible to make a similar piece just for you. Send me an email + we can chat!

Smoke Quartz necklace  Dream  Rustic Everyday Earrings  Labradorite  Purple Fresh Water Pearl bracelet  Tanya  Orbit ring  Hope  bracelet  812  Mother of the Bride earrings  Rock  Smoke Quartz earrings  To the Moon  Mixed Stone bracelet  Sloan earrings  Rings  Crystal  Alexa  Angi earrings  Amethyst necklace  Smoke  Betsy  Crystal necklace  Turquoise and Aquamarine earrings  Amy  Simple Circle bracelet  Metal earrings  Circle bracelet  Art pendant  Isaiah  Blue + Brown  Kate  Cayden  Mixed Green necklace  Maya earrings  Custom bolo tie necklace  Smoke  Metal ring  Blue  Lucky 7 necklace  Faith  Smoke Stack bracelet  Green  Experimental earrings  Turquoise earrings  Vintage Rosary necklace  Mixed Stone bracelet  Dare  Collage Pendant  Garnet earrings  Jade earrings  Gold Knot rings  Stephanie  Blossom necklace  Simple Circle earrings  Purple  Melody necklace  Noah