Sometimes I find introductions to be a bit boring, do you? They can feel stuffy and forced. And if you’re a chronic name forgetter (yes, that’s the technical term!) like me, it induces a whole new level of anxiety. All in all, they can leave a lot to be desired. Personally, I’d like to just dump the formalities.

Yes names are important, I’ll give you that, but think about a typical introduction. It feels like a game of name, rank and serial number. What you do for a job isn’t nearly as important to me as what you love to do, because let’s be honest, your job is not solely who you are. Loads of people work jobs just to pay the bills. In fact, I’d say the majority probably do. If you have a job that fills you with passion, THAT’S what I want to hear about! I want to know what lights you up, what inspires you. You are a whole collection of attributes, traits and interests – THOSE are the parts I want to know about when I meet someone!

So, I’m going to do things a bit differently as I introduce myself. I’ll give you some of the basics of course, but hopefully I can give you a better idea of who I REALLY am. Here we go…

Hi, my name is Aly!

I’ve heard a lot of nicknames over the years. Let’s see….there’s Aly-Kat, Ali Babba, Al, Albert (don’t ask!), Shmally, Aly Bally Bo Bally, and on and on and on.

When I get in trouble, I get called by my full name, which is Alyshia.

I’m a Creative Inspirationalist living in Portland, Oregon. That means I create cool things, connect with people in meaningful ways, and inspire those around me to live bigger, bolder and more creative lives.

I’ve been happily married to my favorite guy for the past 12+ years. We don’t have kids but we love spending time with and spoiling our awesome little nieces and nephews.

I’m 36 years old and am a tried and true Pacific Northwest girl in my heart. Technically I’m not a thoroughbred though, since my family spent about 4 years in North Carolina. But don’t worry, my fiesty Southern ways charm only comes out when someone mentions hush puppies!

I’m a big sister to one amazing little sister.

I’m a healing soul in progress + read a ridiculous amount of self-help books – much to the amusement of my husband.

Fall is my favorite season + I love snuggling up with a good book + a coconut milk Chai. If a good record is on the record player, even better.

Although no one that knows me seems to believe it, I’m actually pretty shy when I first meet people. Give me a little time though + I’ll be the life of the party!

I’m a hippie at heart + love Jesus but sometimes I cuss a little.

I’m open hearted, open minded and believe that how we treat other says more about our character + faith than anything else does.

If we met in real life, I’d probably tell you my favorite joke, feel awful for forgetting your name, and then send you a love note by good ol’ fashioned snail mail.

I’m an eternal optimist and believe that people are worthy of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances.

I believe in writing thank you notes and have all my best ideas when I’m watching movies in the theater or as I drift off to sleep.

I have an unhealthy love of rap music, Johnny Depp and Swedish Fish…not necessarily in that order.

I also really love air plants – the smaller, the better. The sad part is that I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life! Let’s have a moment of silence for the poor little Chia garden I single-handedly killed in about 2.4 seconds.

I was a jump rope champion in Elementary School and had some glory days as a local college mascot, complete with a costume (go Wildcats!)

I’m an iced tea addict, a possibilitarian and the girl that still tears up a little when she wishes on shooting stars.



Now it’s your turn – what makes you happy, what inspires you most, what makes you YOU? I’d love to hear!


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2 Responses to introductions

  1. L November 15, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    I struggle with not having that Work Title by 35, which is how old I’ve been since April. Upon a name only introduction, people just do not know what to do. When I try, “I’m a student of Literature and Film,” it accrues further awkwardness. I think they think I will judge their taste in books or film—which, let’s face it, I probably will.

    Another sort of introduction then?

    Going by L is relatively new. I’ve previously only replied to Leslie (w/ a soft s). It’s nice except when around my parents and Sean says “L” and my dad hear’s “Al,” which is his name and it create momentary chaos and sometimes blushes. Especially as Sean says things to me he wouldn’t say to his father-in-law.

    I have a curious mind, peculiar and always seeking.

    I love to read and write fiction and non-; across age, genre, ridiculousness; pictures welcome.

    I am going to seriously mourn the reading and discussions in my Contemporary Poets class when this term ends.

    I tend to gravitate toward artists, even so far as to marry one and give birth to another; that both are eclectic and avid collectors of books, film, and music, too, is my good fortune; it could be the icing—if I liked icing, which I don’t: I like just the cake, chocolate, please.

    I write long and often awkward sentences, and love punctuation even full-stops.

    My quirks can be exasperating to lovers of butter cream icing and professors, but I am happy to have them–sometimes.

    Red is my favorite color, as everyone close to me has come to know, so I have tried to switch to green. I like to be known, but I also want to be surprising. The switch hasn’t been going well.

    I may try out purple. I do love purple and it almost always loves me back. Purple on a necklace perhaps?

    • Aly November 15, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

      I love this L! I think we could connect so much more with people if we felt the freedom to really share more of who we are during those first introductions. My goal is to incorporate this a bit more when I meet new people – to ask more about who they are and what inspires them instead of just a name and work title. Oh, and I may just be partial but I really think you should try some purple….it does the artistic soul well!

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