New Years….take 2

Does anyone else feel like January should just be a freebie month? Like, can 2016 actually start tomorrow? I’m feeling all the hopefulness and excitement of New Years…I just happen to be a month too late.

I know everyone is busy around the holidays. We have family events, Friendsgivings, school events, work events, hide-out-in-the-closet-with-a-Hershey’s-kiss-because-it’s-the-only-second-I-get-to-myself events. I’m feeling like my transition from 2015 to 2016 was a total whirlwind; and in all actuality, it was. I went from Thanksgiving celebrations, to my biggest jewelry show of the year, to a second jewelry event, to getting ready for an out of state Christmas, to coming home from said Christmas and prepping for surgery just a day later. Oh, and that surgery? It went beautifully (thank ya Jesus!), but the recovery? Oh.My.Word. It was a lot longer of a process than I had envisioned. As in, I am just now starting to feel back to normal.

So here I am, feeling like I really didn’t get a chance to usher in 2016 with all the gusto I would have liked had I not been pumped full of anesthesia and pain pills, and kind of like I should get a do over. And you know what, I’m gonna do just that.

I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I want my life to look like in 2016….the things I want more of and less of in the coming year. I’ve chosen my word and intentions for the year (more on that later!) and I am overwhelmed at the possibility of what’s to come.

Tomorrow is a new start, just like each and every day, but there is something about it that feels a little extra special. And although I might not be wearing a party hat tonight, or streaming the fake Netflix New Years Eve countdown celebration so I can go to bed at my regular old lady time but still feel like I got to party it up, I’m filled with the excitement for what tomorrow brings, and what the 334 days after that bring.

So, if you’re feeling like you need a do over for January, let’s start fresh tomorrow. Let’s dream the big dreams and work on making 2016 the best year yet. So what if we’re joining the party a little late?

Celebrating New Years Eve on New Years Eve is like, soooo 2015 anyways…


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