the process

I love creating jewelry. I especially love looking for brilliant stones and beads in unusual colors for the pieces I create. I am in love with process of taking raw materials and creating something beautiful and unique that someone can wear and cherish for a lifetime!

I design each piece of seek + be jewelry with the belief that the modern woman wants jewelry that is more than just a decorative trinket she throws on before she leaves the house. She wants something with meaning and purpose…something that truly inspires her when she wears it.
Most pieces of seek + be jewelry begin with a single piece of wire that I hand cut, form and forge together. Adding texture is a huge part of the character of each piece to me, so although it may appear random, each hammer stroke, indent and divot is applied with purpose and careful consideration of the end result.
Each piece is then darkened and brushed by hand to give it a totally unique and rustic finish.  It’s a time intensive process, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – the result is the perfect marriage of raw earthiness and industrial inspiration, with a modern twist.
I use recycled silver in my pieces as well as recycled packaging as much as possible. I choose to recycle my scrap material in an effort to help cut down on unnecessary waste and strive to have a studio and a business that does as little damage to our environment as possible.
I also take pride in putting money back into my community and favor sourcing my materials and supplies from local businesses – especially small mom and pop type shops.  Not only am I able to work closely with other passionate business owners, but I’m also able to buy in smaller quantities – sometimes even just a stone or two if needed.It’s just one more step that further ensures that my pieces are truly one of a kind… just like you!